Mobile version is poor and should get some more love

Why is Ankidroid so nerfed compared to the desktop version?
I really could use more options when creating cards, I’m preparing for an exam for which decks with multiple choice answers would come in handy. And this is just one example. This is a feature the desktop version has that the mobile doesn’t. I don’t want to force myself to just use the computer app because I find it much easier and more practical to use my phone for flashcards and quizzes.
It really bugs me every time I create a new deck this or that option that really would help me just isn’t there in the first place!

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What function are you talking about?

What options are you writing about?

You have created a topic in the help section. What kind of help do you need?

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There are many options the mobile version could really benefit from, I can’t recall all of them right now, but one is surely the possibility of multiple choice answers.

This feature depends on the note type and not on the application.

If you need this feature, then transfer this note type from the desktop version to the mobile version or download another one.

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I can only create decks and add cards with writeable questions and that’s it.

However, what would be the odds that Anki devs would implement such a feature in the mobile version too?

Have you tried changing the note type?

See the Type: AllInOne…; selecting will display all your note types

if you want more note types

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Can you mention some of them?

I have a limited skill in creating cards and decks, I don’t know how to type all that formatting code. With that being said, I don’t think you remember that the mobile version doesn’t allow any plugins or any downloadable content unlike the desktop.
My menu doesn’t list the same options as yours, it only got the default ones.

Hope you somehow get the idea even though it’s in Italian.

Add-ons are in planning. But importing decks have been possible for a very long time. You can also import shared decks from within the app.

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As @keks and @NameLessGO have said, support for multiple-choice questions isn’t built in functionality in Anki, but it also doesn’t (necessarily) come from an add-on – it (primarily) comes from note types and templates, which are equally available to you on AnkiDroid as they are on Anki Desktop.

But you can’t have it both ways. If you want to create more complex cards, you’re going to have to get the tools and learn how to use them.


Alright. Can you link a very simple to understand guide on how to implement multiple choice cards even for Ankidroid, no matter if it requires to type in code (as long as it’s contained in said guide)?

Have you looked at all of the links and advice already posted above? Do you have any clarifying questions you’d like to ask about those?

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Yes and none of them had any clue about trying to create such a thing inside Ankidroid without having to download anything.
Instead, they’re all add-ons I suppose, I tried downloading one called “multiple choices with hint” and it wouldn’t let me import, as the thing stopped before happening.
Or should I assume you see something in those links I don’t?

The add-on listed at Multiple Choice for Anki - AnkiWeb comes with a custom note type, which is automatically added to your collection when downloading the add-on, and can be used both on desktop and mobile versions of Anki.

So what you should do is:

  1. Download the add-on using Anki desktop
  2. Restart Anki
  3. Sync your collection to AnkiWeb
  4. Download the changes from AnkiWeb to AnkiDroid

If you go to the “Add” window, you should find a new “All in one” note type in the note types list.


This was not done because multiple choice is not very effective with SRS


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