Missing the add a card button

I seem to be missing the button to add cards to a note. I have gone through multiple youtube videos where people demonstrate the difference between notes, cards, and find fairly consistently that the process is to create/select a note type with all your desired fields, then create a new note, and finally press cards under which there should be a little plus button where you can create all the cards you want for the given note. I do not have that button though.

The top image is what my anki looks like compared to one of the many guides I watched online

Click Options at the top of the window then select Add Card Type….
It looks different because you’re running Anki desktop on Windows.

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Thanks! I ended up figuring it out. And have shared what tripped me up in case anyone else ends up needing this information.

I didn’t realize that a card type is essentially a template and I had several hundred Spanish vocabulary words in my basic type answer card type. I was then trying to have 1 note per spanish verb with a card for each conjugational form but when I pressed options add card type it was telling me that I was about to change all the cards I already had.

The other problem was I didn’t understand that you have to change the parts that I’ve italicized in my template below. So instead of having

Card 1 Q: What is the Spanish word for to be
Card 1 A: ser

Card 2 Q: what is the yo conjugation of to be
Card 1 A: soy

it just kept repeating card 1 over and over rather than having 1 card per field



{{tts es_MX voices=AwesomeTTS:*Meaning*}} {{type:*Meaning*}}