Missing Interval under Good easy hard after updating to 2.1 on Mac

I downloaded a new anki version (I think 2.1) on my mac so I would be able to add the postpone reviews addon, and it worked. However, now i have a really big issue where I only see the buttons for easy good hard again, but the days that are normally in the box that show me the next time I’ll see the card again are missing. I’ve tried going to Preferences–> Review → show next review time, but that did not work. On my phone app however, Anki does show the days under good bad hard easy, just not on my mac for some reason. I tried syncing it between devices and that did not work. I urgently need it to show on my laptop as well. Please help!!!

Check with the addons disabled.
Also check the “Show next review time above answer buttons” setting

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Hi! How do I check which admins are disabled? Also I did check show next review time above answer buttons and that was already switched on (even though the problem is still there).

2. Check add-ons

Please close Anki, then start it again while holding down the shift key. If the problem goes away, that indicates an add-on is causing the problem. Remove any add-ons you don’t need, and disable half of the others. If the problem continues, try the other half. Repeat the process until you’ve figured out which add-on is causing the problem. Then please report the issue to the add-on author, using the Copy Debug Info button, and pasting that into the report.



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