Issues in upgrade to 2.1.66

Hi, I’ve just upgraded to Anki 2.1.66 and am having two issues with it

  1. It is no longer displaying the next review interval above each button - it used to eg say above good 1m, easy 1.5m etc and it is no longer doing this - any idea how to get this back?

  2. When I hit the space bar having reviewed a card, it is rating it as a 4 ie easy, rather than 3 - good, which it used to do up until this point and per the anki documentation. Any idea how to change it back to 3?

Do you have this option enabled?

Spacebar still rates the card as Good, unless another answer button has keyboard focus. Maybe this explains your situation? If Easy is focused by default for you, I suggest checking if this is not an add-on issue.

Yes I have the show next review time above answer button enabled

This is what I see

Please check installed add-ons: When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

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Thanks, yes it was an add-on issue with the addon ‘Advance Interval Adjuster’

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