Minor issue with Night Mode on desktop (which probably goes for the Mac and mobile versions)

  1. My deck contains words with example sentences

  2. When the example sentences are available, the button Show Examples is clickable

  3. When they are not available, the button is unclickable

  4. In the default skin, it’s clear when the button can be clicked or not:

  5. In Night Mode, it’s basically impossible to distinguish a clickable and unclickable button:

So the issue is: In Night Mode, the clickable button is identical to the unclickable button.

I know the dev’s backlog is probably enourmous already, but would you please add this one to the backlog.

…By the way, this minor issue made me realize, that instead of making the button unclickable, it’s better to simply just make the button hidden, when example sentences are not available.

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you can target the styling to affect only the night mode. Since I don’t have your actual code, I will be using an example:

<button id="mybutton" onclick="something()">show exs</button>

Then the CSS class would be:

.nightMode button#mybutton {
your styling here...

You can do that by editing your template, being the name of the field having example sentences example:

{{#example}} <button id="mybutton" onclick="something()">show exs</button>{{/example}}

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