Menu pops up on wrong display

It does indeed also happen in software mode.

Ok, that’s unfortunate. It should be reported to Qt, but that requires reproducing the issue using their Qt installer + building a sample app + triggering it there, which is a bit involved I’m afraid.

I’m happy to give it a go, if you’re up to running me through the high-level steps.


You’ll need to, off the top of my head:

(for future people who are linked here, you’ll probably also want to select “Qt Webengine” from the additional libraries section, but it is not relevant in this case)

  • after the install is done, open Qt Creator
  • look through the examples and find one that has a menu bar - eg “qt widgets - application example”. Double-click on it.
  • select 6.5.2 and configure the project
  • click the green play icon in the bottom left
  • when the built sample pops up, try to reproduce the issue
  • if you can reproduce it, please file a report on

I’ve reported the bug here.


Thanks for doing that! I’ve added a link on Menu appears on wrong screen · Issue #2638 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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