Menu Hotkeys Impede Typing Responses Using Turkish Alt-Q Keyboard Layout

I’m running Anki on my Linux desktop, and I recently decided to try out typed responses for my English to Turkish flashcards. However, I have run into a problem that prevents me from typing my responses on English to Turkish flashcards.

I use the Alt-Q Turkish keyboard layout to produce the various additions to the Latin alphabet that Turkish requires (ş, ç, ı, ü, ö, and â). To type these characters in the Alt-Q layout, I hold the right alt key and press the standard Latin variants of those characters (s, c, i, u, o, and a). However, when I try to do this while typing a response to an English to Turkish flashcard, Anki interprets some of those special characters as menu shortcuts. For instance, typing ralt+o to attempt to produce ö instead opens the deck options menu, while typing ralt+s to attempt to produce ş bumps me out to the screen showing how many cards I have to study for the active deck (with buttons for “Study Now,” “Options,” and “Custom Study”). This completely prevents me from typing my responses to Turkish flashcards.

Is there a way to disable the corresponding shortcut keys while using the Turkish Alt-Q layout (or perhaps just entirely)?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Perhaps this will help:

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this add-on did not resolve the issue with the Turkish Alt-Q layout.

It may be a toolkit issue I’m afraid.

Well I appreciate your suggestion all the same. Maybe one of these days I’ll do some more digging to try to understand the code of the add-on you suggested to see if I can’t tinker with it a little until it fits my issue, but in the meantime I have the workaround of doing my Turkish flashcards on Anki on my phone.