Media not automatically playing when added to new card

I just recently upgraded to Anki Version 2.1.33. Before, when I added media (mp3) to a note, it would automatically play. This was helpful because then I could make sure the mp3 actually played what I thought (there have been a few times where I mislabelled the mp3, and it was different than what I thought it would be.) This is the first time I’m adding media files to notes, and they are not automatically playing when the note is formed. They do, however, play correctly when previewing or reviewing.

Any suggestions?

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Hi abdo, Thanks for the response. However, the title of your response does not match my problem. Does the response otherwise apply to my situation?

Yes, it applies.
This change was originally made to fix a drag & drop issue.

I have the same problem. I wish it reverts to the old behavior.

Is there a reason the change was reverted? I always found it somewhat annoying that I had to wait for 5-10 for the clip to finish playing before resuming what I was watching, so the change in 2.1.33 was a very welcome one to me. It would be nice if there at least was an option to disable this, if the audio needs to play automatically for whatever reason.

It seems more users prefer the old behavior, so it was reverted.
You can open a new thread to suggest adding an option so that Anki’s developer sees it.

Thank you for the feedback, I’ll keep an eye on demand for an option.