Mathjax renders badly

update: i notice this happens every single time whenever i review the second math card, and conversely it never happens on the first review (after i go back to Decks and start reviewing the same deck again (all my cards in that deck have mathjax))

on review:

preview is more reliable


<div>Let <anki-mathjax>\mathbf{C}</anki-mathjax> be a small category and <anki-mathjax>J</anki-mathjax> a Grothendieck topology on C. A presheaf, as before, is simply a functor<br><anki-mathjax block="true">P: \mathbf{C}^{\mathrm{op}} \rightarrow \mathbf{S e t}</anki-mathjax><br>. If <anki-mathjax>P</anki-mathjax> is such a presheaf and the sieve <anki-mathjax>S</anki-mathjax> is a cover of an object <anki-mathjax>C</anki-mathjax> of <anki-mathjax>\mathbf{C}</anki-mathjax>, a <i><font color="#ff0000">matching family</font></i> for <anki-mathjax>S</anki-mathjax> of elements of <anki-mathjax>P</anki-mathjax> is a function which assigns to each element <anki-mathjax>f: D \rightarrow C</anki-mathjax> of <anki-mathjax>S</anki-mathjax> an element <anki-mathjax>x_f \in P(D)</anki-mathjax>, in such a way that<br><anki-mathjax block="true">{{c1::x_f \cdot g=x_{f g} }} \quad \text { for all } g: E \rightarrow D \text { in } \mathbf{C .}</anki-mathjax><br>An <i><font color="#ff0000">amalgamation</font></i> of such a matching family is a single element <anki-mathjax>x \in P(C)</anki-mathjax> with<br><anki-mathjax block="true">{{c2::x \cdot f=x_f}} \quad \text { for all } f \in S \text {. }</anki-mathjax><br>Then <anki-mathjax>P</anki-mathjax> is a sheaf (for <anki-mathjax>J</anki-mathjax> ) precisely then, when {{c3::every matching family for any cover of any object of <anki-mathjax>\mathbf{C}</anki-mathjax> has a unique amalgamation}}.<br><br></div>

Anki desktop for mac silicon
Version ⁨2.1.61 (0c1eaf4c)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.3.2 PyQt 6.3.1

Ah thanks Damian, looks like the same issue. Didn’t know 2.1.61 was beta.

2.1.61 is a stable release. I suspect your issue is the one mentioned at the edit at the bottom of that post.

Ah ok.

That post said “scripts”, which I assume are addons? So I tried disabling all add ons and I get the same issue.

Interestingly, the same issue happens (only on reviewing mathjax cards after the first one) on the mobile Anki (version 2.0.92 (20092.3))

I tried downgrading every version all the way back to 2.1.54 which was the only one which did not have the issue.

I also noticed that it is the last version before the change in UI looks.

You are calling JavaScript in your card template to define custom MathJax macros. Calling getComponents() more than once causes MathJax to get confused, so as described in the link above, you must add a check to only call it once.

Oh!! Sorry I get it now. Didn’t realise the specifying the macros was part of executing JS.

That actually fixes the issue on the mobile version now! All good!

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