Manually link cards from different notes as siblings

Hi, my suggestion is to link cards and manually mark them as siblings to take advantage of the automatic burying feature.

The “problem” I have is that I have a couple of cards that are slightly different (and not on the same note) but talk about the same topic, so when I review one I don’t want the other(s) to show up as it would help me.
Linking them as siblings would solve this because of the built-in burying feature (and the “disperse siblings” feature of the FSRS4 helper addon, even more effective).

My idea to implement this is to add a “mark as sibling with” button in the browse window and then we could select other cards to link.

I hope it’s understandable as English is not my first language, hope to hear back from the community to know what you guys think!



There were and, but Anki has become incompatible with them.

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… linking-cards-together link

This explanation presents poor arguments and I do not agree with it.

would have to define all the relations yourself

No one is forced to. Most cards would not need this anyway, but it’s good to have an option.

you’d have to search through the rest of the deck and assign relationships between the old and new material

Not if I create all cards within the group at the same time.

Adding constraints to card display that cause cards to display earlier or later than they were supposed to will make the spaced repetition system less effective

If “Cloze” and “basic and reverse” are allowed to make this, what makes manual linking different? Double standard.

More context:
Sometimes I don’t really see a way to organize some closely related meanings / alternative word definitions, into one note.
Apparently right now only cards from the same single note can become siblings.
I would really like some way to manually (or with some other magic way) mark some technically-unrelated cards as siblings, to enforce that there will never be a review of more than one card from the same sibling group on the same day.
(the topic of the deck is Dutch vocabulary)


There is a way to do what you ask, but it is much more cumbersome than what you want.
You can make a new note type that has space for all the cards that you want to link.
Shige fixed the add on that allows you to copy the scheduling data from one card to another.
So if I wanted to do this for a basic and reversed card, I would have fields something like {front1}, {back1}, {front2}, {back2} etc. Then have cards for each field from the same note.