Made a deck but media doesnt sync

Sorry, I’m very new to this. I just made a new deck on my desktop. I downloaded jpg files to the midia.collection folder and refered to them on a field called image. I’m saying all this because I dont know if there any difference between syncing my deck like this or using an apkg file.

The deck works on my desktop, but when I check ankiweb and ankidroid, no images are shown.

I checked ‘Always’ on the option search midia during sync on ankidroid and I checked the midia sync option on desktop too. It seemed to sync just fine too.

Any idea on why it’s not working? Should I post prints?

It may be that they are just not all there yet – depending on how much data there is, and how long you’ve been trying to get it in sync. Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

It also may be because you manually added the files to That’s usually not necessary, and attaching them in the note editor is a better idea. Adding/Editing - Anki Manual

To check if it’s making progress, run Check Media on Desktop and Android to see what files are missing, then sync again, then run Check Media to see if it changed. (Check Media is also the solution to issues with manually added files, so it’s win-win.

If it’s not making progress, we may need to look at where exactly the files are and how you’re using them in your collection.