[macOS] Regarding Letter doubling


I was just wondering if the letter doubling described in these posts (1, 2 and probably more) has been looked into since then.

Since the holding down to add diacritics seems to be one of the main ways to modify letters on macOS, I find that this issue is not too small since it requires quite annoying workarounds.

My main questions are:
Would a newer Qt-version fix the problem and is there an issue regarding this issue on GitHub (I could not find one)? If not: Has anyone told the people over at Qt about it? In their issue reporting, I found a couple of different similar issues that have been closed (1, 2).

Thanks for your replies

I’ve reported it on Loading..., but I wouldn’t get your hopes up - one of the issues I reported to them back in 2019 still hasn’t been addressed.

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