macOS Catalina Screenshot bug

Hello guys,
when I add a screenshot from the clipboard to the answer section and press done, the screenshot does not get saved. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I am using the (newest) App Store version and the newest MacOS.
Thanks in advance

I’m just a user

(newest) App Store version

Which Anki version do you refer to? “Anki for desktop” is only available from afaik.

maybe relevant: there’s another flash card software that has “anki” in its name, see

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the newest MacOS was released this week and is named “Mac OS 11.0 Big Sur” whereas you have “Catalina” in your thread title which refers to the prior version 10.15.

Ok, I got a program called Anki Notes. Maybe you’re right and this is form another developer. I was oblivious to the fact, that there are multiple programs by different developers. Im just gonna download the program from the main website now and see if it works. Thank you!

Thats strange. I downloaded the update a few days ago but it still says Catalina in the settings… A different issue but thanks for informing me