Lost Media - syncing with multiple profiles and only one AnkiWeb account

Per the title, I lost my media. Several mishaps. Basically created a few different profiles to keep some content separate, but only one anki web account. Joined ankihub and thought i could just make one profile for that deck (Anki Overhaul) to keep it separate from my own created cards (My Deck). Ended up syncing them together (since I’m a dummy and have only one ankiweb account) and losing my cards. Got my cards back from automatic backups minus the media of course, which were all copy/pasted into anki (not saved).

Is there a way to recover the media from ankiweb, and any advice on how to avoid this in the future? Obviously won’t have multiple profiles going forward…

Thanks so much.

Unless you specifically deleted the media from your collection.media folder – are you sure that it’s gone? Anki isn’t quick to delete media, so it may still be there. Since you’ve got several profiles – note that there is a separate collection.media folder for each of them.

You can use Tools > Check Media to see what files are missing or unused for each profile, and that might give you a hint of where to look.

If that doesn’t work out, @dae can sometimes access a server-side backup for the profile you had synced with AnkiWeb.

In the future? You already know what I’m going to say! :sweat_smile: Backup your media, and don’t keep important things in multiple separate profiles.

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I went to one of my other profiles and found all the media!

I’ll be making back ups from here forward!!

Thanks for all your help.

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