Looking for a type of card where you connect answers (pic for context)

here’s the picture

So there are 3 numbered names of directors (1, 2, 3) and 3 blocks of texts that explain each one. Before every box of text is a blank field for you to type number of correct director.

Now, I imagine, it can be done a number of ways in anki without having to type numbers. Maybe you SELECT one of directors on left and SELECT one with right text on right side…

Plus anki could shuffle both “columns”.

I’m not aware of an add-on that does this. If there is one, I would caution you against using it, because this wouldn’t be an very effective way to study. For similar reasons to why multiple-choice isn’t well suited to Anki, trying to make a card like that would probably be a waste of your energy.

Even if you put multiple pieces of information on the same card like this, you can still only grade your answer once – so you’ll have to grade that card wrong if you miss one, but Anki won’t know which one, and neither will you.

Each card has unique review history, so both you and Anki need to be able to determine whether you’re doing well with a card or not. This makes that impossible. There’s no way for Anki to schedule that “one you missed” more frequently while you are relearning it, or extend the interval until the next time you study the “one you got right.”

Having this much information on a card also runs pretty far afoul of the minimum information principle, and other best practices for creating effective cards. I think your Anki time will be much more productive for you the closer to stick to those 20 rules.

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