Lock a deck or card type

I have quite a few card types and subdecks for my main degree deck. Let’s say today I am studying chemistry and adding cards of different types to the chemistry subdeck. I would like to be able to lock the deck I am adding cards to so that I do not change the card type and accidentally add the cards to a different subdeck.

Currently there is no way to do this with the two options present (i.e. card type takes priority or deck takes priority) because I have many card types going to many decks. e.g. if I say card type auto selects the deck, that would be practically useless as my Basic card type is used for all my subdecks. on the other hand, if I say changing the deck auto selects the card type, that is also not helpful as I use many different card types within each of my subdecks.

If you added a lock on the deck & or the card type selector at the top of the add cards screen that would solve this problem.