Load/learn cards from different decks

Hello, maybe someone can help with a silly noob question: :pray:t2:

See screenshot: In the past I set up Anki in such a way, that cards were randomly added from different decks. So I could define “20 cards” for the setting of “All”. And Anki would automatically + randomly select cards from all sub-decks.

So in the screenshot-Example: When clicking on “All” it would allow to learn from the sub-decks

  • My and
  • Ultimate Geogrpahy
    and cards were added randomly from both.

But after resetting Anki,

  • My and
  • Ultrimate Geophgraphy
    only can be learnt in individual sessions.

In other words:
The over-category “All” is linked to “My”.
And “Ultimate Geopgraphy” is totally independent.

I tried everything to get back the old behaviour - without success so far.
What am I missing? :expressionless:

Thanks for any help!!!

If I understand your question correctly, then if you have the latest version 23.12, you can turn on “Limits start from top” (in the deck options screen, in the Daily Limits section).

Maybe I was not clear enough:

I’m desperate to bring back the program behaviour I was used to in the past (about a year ago) which was:

In the screenshot example:
I could change the settings (limits: new cards, repetitions) for the whole “folder” (in the screenshot this is called “All”). Then Anki would

  • randomly select new cards from all decks within this Folder. In proportion to the amount of new cards in the deck
  • mix cards from all decks within the folder within one single daily learning session.
  • in addition I could adjust individual limits (e.g. for new cards per day) for specific decks within the overarching folder.

I can’t bring this behaviour back.
I clicked everywhere and tried out different options; I think I have to give up? :frowning:

It seems, it’s not possbile to bring back this old behaviour? :frowning:
What’s confusing for me: This old behavour seems so obvious + straightforward and soooooooo much better than everything I have now? So I can’t believe this changed in the 1 or 2 years I didn’t use the program?!

Thanks for trying to help; but I already tried this.

BTW, the English description of this option:

If this option is enabled, the limits will start from the top-level deck instead, which can be useful if you wish to study individual sub-decks,

is inconsistent with the German help description.

But as I don’t want to study “indivudual sub-decks” as stated above, but quite the opposite - mix all decks together in a single daily session - this option shouldn’t be turned on, I guess?

Anyway, I keep getting more and more frustrated by not being able to replicate the behaviour I was used to. Sooooooooooo bad user experience now :expressionless: And it was very good in the past. I’m really at a loss here, as all I want is a super simple and ‘obvious’ behaviour:

  • Determine top-level filters.
  • Let Anki select from all sub-decks automatically.
  • => have one single daily session with cards from many different decks.

The order cards appear in can be customized in the display order section of the deck options.

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