List of Anki Suggestions

I find the following suggestions to be great ideas that could be implemented to ramp up the Anki reviewing experience and efficiency. The ideas may not be suited for all user-cases (hobby learning, language learning - I am a med student).

  1. KyleRego (kar) on Discord has released an expansion of the Leech Toolkit Add-on. based on my reddit post
    Reddit - Dive into anything. He has addressed the points 1-5 (Lapse:Review Ratio, Average of LR Ratio), but couldnt do the rest due to lack of time.

The two most important suggestions or additions I have from these are:

Leech Toolkit - Kar Branch addon

  1. Ability to calculate Standard Deviation

  2. Graphing the Distribution (better representation of the ratio)

  1. Ability to move Leech card to and BACK FROM a deck set for leeches once they unleech automatically

  2. An additional flag for leech cards, to make them searchable in the browser. (i stress cards and not notes since already existing leech tags cannot differentiate between a cloze note and a card) - This can be done with the help of the More Flags addon.

  3. An indicator by the LR Ratio side of the bar created by Kar to show if the Ratio is rising, stable, or dropping.
    –>core idea of the add-on is to put an end to the arbitrariness of the leech feature of Anki)

  1. Additional stats addon:
  • The average number of again steps in the first x (customizable by user) number of reviews since introduction of new cards to learning cards.
  • Average total number of review-learning stepsuntil graduation of card
    ---->(useful in unison with the Todays again Count addon, to allow the user to know at what point the frequency of the again button presses in the learning phase becomes too frequent, that the user should start implementing mnemonics)

3.Interchanging Learning Steps addon

(Reddit - Dive into anything)
–>(useful to allocate more learning steps to harder cards whilst cutting down steps for easier ones, thus saving time)

4-Preset editor addon
Addon should be able to allow user to edit the same part of all presets at once (e.g. learning steps, bury siblings). - useful if you have tons of different presets.

5-Mark Yesterday (before Yesterday, and so…) Failed Cards in the Menu Bar as Failed through an indicator in the Reviewer

6-Anki Notepad in the Main Menu

7-Preset Overview


  1. Regarding point number 4, Blauelf shared on discord code to be used in the debug console to change learning steps for all

  2. Regarding point no. 3, I am starting to copy cards that I feel are too hard into the collection. Not sure if this is sensible though I am giving it a try as a temporary solution.

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I think it might be a good idea to include a brief description of how each feature is used for learning efficiency.

Just did.

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Good, so far these are the 3 similar features that are on my development task list.

  1. Review and lapse ratios → Unique color bar(Todays again Count)
  2. Putting leech cards into the custom deck instead of the deck (Stand-alone Add-on)
  3. Auto actions for consecutive lapsed cards today (Bury, Suspend, Tag, etc.).

Other features are not planned for my development.
These will be worked on in my spare time after other requests have been processed, so there is no deadline.

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I have added a few more suggestions (points 5 and 6)

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Happy to see someone picked it up.

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about item 6, I made a notepad style addon, check it out


Wow. I never thought someone would actually have a go at it :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot!!!

Could you also please have a look at this as well?