List formatting issue

Hey guys,

I have a question concerning the formatting of lists: I would like the lists to be centered in the reviewer, while retaining the structure of the list, i.e. the sub-items appear indented below the main items. So far I have used the elements “ul” and “ol” with the attribute “display: inline-block”, which has always worked.
Now I have encountered the following problem: Sometimes, when I copy lists from websites, paste them into the editor and display them in the reviewer, the subitems are shown to the right of the main item instead of below with an indentation. Here’s an example:



When checking the code I noticed some of closing tags „< /li>“ are missing. When adding those, the list is displayed as before.
I can also avoid the problem by removing the “display: inline-block” attribute. However, the list moves all the way to the left again.

Is there a way to center these lists in a different way while maintaining the structure without the necessity to add the missing closing tags manually? "

It looks like missing </li> are automatically added by the editor? if that’s not the case for you, can you post an example of text pasted from such websites?

I copied the text of a website, pasted it into the editor, removed formatting and replaced the text with the numbers for the sake of clarity. I wanted to emphasize what causes the changed display within the code. A concrete text example would be broken down to the same cause.
The closing tags were not automatically added everywhere in the editor, as the second image shows. The fact that the setting “ul {display: inline-block}” was made on the note template, but not within the editor, results in the different display.

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