Links with non-english characters in URL don’t work

For example, when URL has special Croatian character like ”ć”, it behaves not as a link but as a pure text (in the back of a flashcard).

How are you entering in the links? If I use “copy link” in Safari and paste it in to the editor, it does make a clickable link (though the title says ‘%C4%87’ instead of the more readable ‘ć’)

I used to (short) touch at the address bar on Safari on iPad and after the whole text of the URL turned blue, I touched again and selected copy from the menu. It obviously treated it as a pure text and didn’t behave as a link.

Thanks for the hint. I now tried with long touch (touch and hold) and chose copy from the menu and it works ok. For example, instead ”René_Clair”, it copied ”Ren%C3%A9_Clair”.

Thanks, it completely solves my problem.

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