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Linking to Field content (as opposed to entering it directly)

Just for reference, I sometimes enter long passages from dictionaries, Wikipedia, et al. into fields, because I do most of my reps offline and still want to have access to those passages if needed.

So, if I have one vocabulary card, plus 5 example sentences, there are now 6 cards with this extensive content in the reference field. I’m sure this massively blows up the size of my decks.

It would be nice if one could just link to this content, instead of entering it directly; i.e. there’d be a file in the media folder ‘example.html’, and in the field [content:example.html].

This would also be easier for editing those references, and keeping them up to date …

Just an idea :wink:

You could embed HTML Files present in the media folder with an iframe

<iframe src="filename.html"></iframe>

See this page for more information HTML Iframes

The downside here is that the contents of that iframe won’t show up from the Card Browser’s search.

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