Light theme broke colors

The original site on still has its colors:

But here the light theme changed stuff:

Did you change something? Or discourse broke all by himself?

If new colors for the light theme are desired, it would be better to create a new one instead of changing the default one as these new colors are not nice to see, i.e., makes it hard to read stuff.

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I use the dark theme, all the colors are changes.
I also have a Dismiss Button in my notification list.
so I think this might be intentional (?)

however, I liked the other dark theme better.
but I don’t think I had the dismiss button, which is nice to have. (I also remember a user asking for something like this)

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I haven’t made any changes to the settings in the last few weeks - this is probably some update Discourse pushed out.


I reported back on Discourse and they just fixed it: