Leech Hook for v3 scheduler

Hey all,

Is there a hook or some way for add-ons to know when a card has leeched with the v3 scheduler? The most I found was card_did_leech, but as documented, this only works on the v1 and v2 scheduler.

You could use reviewer_will_answer_card to inspect _v3.states to see if leeched is set for the chosen ease.

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This works, thank you! For anyone who’s interested, here’s some (messy) code that works specifically on the v3 scheduler (the assumption is that a leeched card will always be tagged with “leech”):

from typing import Optional, Literal

from aqt import gui_hooks, mw
from aqt.reviewer import Reviewer
from anki.cards import Card

def check_leech(
    ease_tuple: tuple[bool, Literal[1, 2, 3, 4]], reviewer: Reviewer, card: Card
    will_leech_if_again: Optional[bool] = None
    has_leech_tag: Optional[bool] = None
        will_leech_if_again = reviewer._v3.states.again.normal.relearning.review.leeched
    except AttributeError:
        print("cannot get reviewer._v3.states.(...).leeched")

        has_leech_tag = mw.col.get_note(card.nid).has_tag("leech")
    except AttributeError:
        print("cannot check if reviewed card is already a leech")

    if will_leech_if_again and has_leech_tag == False and ease_tuple[1] == 1:
        print("The card was freshly leeched!")

    return ease_tuple  # do nothing


Warning: The above is probably not the most ideal way of doing this, but it at least works for me.

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