Learning Processes and Sequences

First Topic

I really want to know from you fellow people about the ways you learn a complex process that is difficult to visualize sequentially and be able to recall afterward, whether it be with or without Anki.

An example is Purine synthesis which is just an example.

I have discussed this before, and things like videos and memory palaces have been mentioned but they are difficult to find in for EVERY single process that I have to learn.

I am not looking for a one-size-fits-all solution but rather a consistent one with consistent results.

My current method involves

-Taking two consequent steps, make a keywords out of them and using the two keywords of the two steps to make a small acronym e.g. TP

-Repeat for the rest of the steps

-Use the acronym to find a word which contains the same letters. e.g. TP → Tape

-Generate an image using an AI generator which has the same main subject, in this case Tape for both steps, though both images of the main subject are differentiated from each other depending on what the actual meaning of the acronym is.

So to sum up:

Step 1–>keyword: Thyroid -->T in TP → Image: Tape on thighs
Step 2–>keyword: Parathyroid–>P in TP–>Image: Tape on Parallel Lines

To memorize the sequence of the acronyms I make another image and associate the sequence of the acronyms of it.

To memorize what the entire step actually is I add further images to try and symbolise what the step is through everyday objects.

As you can see, this works to some extent but is very time-intensive and is still with a way higher fail rate than I would like. I take a lot of time finding the right words (aggravated by the fact that I am studying in a language foreign to mine), so I am really eager for a better alternative. :disappointed:

What is your learning based on?

I am not sure I understand your question. I am studying medicine where a lot of rote memorization is involved. So I tried to involve imagery as a technique. Here is a summary of what I do. If you have a better working alternative, please do share!

Do you learn from slides, from a book, by reading AMBOSS, …?

Via Medici which is a more text heavy platform than Amboss. But I do use Amboss occasionally.