Learnings Come Back Again?!

Went to the AnKing website for support & recommendations to do the flashcards faster for studying the MCAT. One of the tech members created a new “setting” for me. I like it but there is one problem. Unfortunately, the “new cards” or “review cards” that I finished answering that day gets placed in the “learning section (reds).” Its making it like I haven’t even completed it at all from that day.

I’m going to put a couple of pictures here of my old settings (first 4) & the new settings that the AnKing anki tech assistant did for me (last 4). I WOULD GREATELY APPRECIATE THE HELP. IT IS TAKING TWICE AS LONG TO DO THE CARDS NOW!!!

Also. I will be adding two more pics. It was constructed by the tech assistant. Maybe its interfering with the schedule. First pic is a filter deck made to study the cards I missed. The other pic is a Add-On created by the Anki team. Settings are made so “Review Cards” are due Sundays.

Unfortunately, your screenshots have gotten all mixed together.

If I’m sorting them right, it looks like you shifted from very short learning steps (1m 3m) to adding long learning steps (5m 1d 3d), similarly for relearning steps (from 3m, to 30m 1d). That accounts for why your New and lapsed-Review cards are still in Learn the next day – you have multiple days until you graduate them to Review. The primary reason folks do that (and I know it’s a common AnKing recommendation) is to avoid having to worry about Ease in the early stages.

To be fair, the intervals that are setup are very similar to what you would have seen with your old settings, except that they are coming in Learn instead of in Review. Those new settings make the unusual choice to repeat the 3d step as the graduating interval – that would result in more reviews than you had before.

They also set a low max interval and a lower multiplier for your interval after lapse. Those would both keep your reviews closer together, which would give you more reviews.

The “Red Flags” filtered deck won’t have any effect on your scheduling, because you have “reschedule based on” turned off for that deck.

I can’t comment on the AnKing add-on.


Not to offend you but the fact that you sent all these ss should mean that you don’t really understand how the settings in your presets and filtered decks work, right? I personally think it is much better to understand the platform rather than having a tech assistant decide stuff for you. You can watch MattvsJapan’s video on the settings. He explains it pretty well. And read the manual. Preferably all of it. Also why not just use FSRS? If it doesn’t reduce your workload or badly affects your retention you can always just switch back to SM2.

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