Learn New Cards from Random Subdecks but in 'insertion order' within that subdeck

I have a root deck and within that deck I have multiple subdecks. Now I would like to randomly select a subdeck, then study the first card (wrt the insertion order) within that subdeck then again select a new subdeck and study the first card due from that subdeck and so on…

Root Deck

  • Subdeck A

    1. Card A1
    2. Card A2
    3. Card A3
  • Subdeck B

    1. Card B1
    2. Card B2
    3. Card B3
  • Subdeck C

    1. Card C1
    2. Card C2
    3. Card C3

For example the cards should be displayed in this order :

Card B1
Card A1
Card B2
Card C1
Card A2

i.e. random subdecks are selected but within that subdeck that cards are displayed in insertion order.

How to accomplish this?

ANKI has a parameter responsible for the order of selection of new cards and a parameter responsible for sorting cards after selection.

New Card Gather Order

New Card Sort Order

None of the options will give you what you want. The best thing I can offer you is to select N cards from each deck in ascending order. And sort them randomly.


Sorry but could you explain this in more detailed steps please?

New Card Gather Order
Deck: gathers cards from each deck in order, starting from the top. Cards from each deck are gathered in ascending position. If the daily limit of the selected deck is reached, gathering may stop before all decks have been checked. This order is fastest in large collections, and allows you to prioritize subdecks that are closer to the top.

New Card Sort Order
Random: Fully shuffles the gathered cards.

In order for the upper deck to collect all the cards, you need to set the number of new ones equal to or more than the number of new ones from the lower decks.
To do this, change the number of new ones only at the top deck (total).

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