LaTeX Cloze revel with a mouse click

Hey Guys, does anyone know a code I can add to the front (or back template idk) of a cloze-type card so I can open any particular selected c1:: […] with a mouse click?
Basically, I create flashcards with a few c1:: to combine very related questions that are not worth adding to different cards. E.g. sometimes they are just employed as hints to remember a final answer. So I would like to pick reveal a single […] before flipping a card to see all other […].

There are some add-ons that have it, but they also add too many changes and functionalities, leaving from the simplicity of this notetype, which is something I wanna keep.

  • Add-ons that can do it:
    AnKing Note Types (Easy Customization)
    Anki Cloze overlapper
    Anki Cloze enhanced

Review Hotmouse - AnkiWeb might help?

Cheers for the suggestion but no. I want to cherry-pick a bracket I need to reveal only when necessary. Your addon helps by replacing anki buttons with scrolling and other mouse moves.