Faster way to tell which cloze deletion is occluded in a selected card while in the browser mode?


when I am viewing a cloze deletion card in the browser, what is the quickest way to see which cloze deletion (e.g. c2, c3, etc.) is occluded in a selected card?

Right now, the only two ways I know how to do this are:

  1. the “Question” column will indicate the pertinent cloze as […]. However, this is not very useful for long notes because the column will only display the first few words of the note

  2. Preview the card to see which cloze is occluded on the selected card. However, I need to click preview and exit the preview to make any edits, change tags, or flag the card, which is inconvenient.

Is there an add-on that highlights the cloze that the card is testing for on the browser editing panel?

Or is there an alternative way to quickly accomplish the same goal?

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If you reveal the Card column, it will show you what the card number is.