Korean Support is Broken

Hi! I’m a long term user of Korean Support. I have been using it for several years now. The author, when I first started using it was great! He fixed a couple issues and added Papago for me (Korea’s much better version of Google Translate for the Korean language - Google doesn’t do Korean very well at all). And it worked fabulously for a long time.

But just recently (about a month ago), Papago stopped working. Several people tried to contact the author through the add-on’s support system, but got no answer, and there’s been no activity there for some months now. So I had returned to using the inferior Google Translate.

However, just NOW, Google Translate is not working either. There is no error message. It’s just not bringing up the sound file. It does nothing.

This is an awesome add-on, that basically breaks the ability to learn Korean through Anki for me without it. Is there someone here who could possibly take a look at it with a view to fixing it? Papago would be great, but if not, Google Translate would be acceptable.

This has happened before, and it was usually because either Google Translate or Papago updated their website.

Can anyone have a go? I’m not a programmer, so I have no idea how to fix it.

Pretty please?? Thanks in advance.