Keeping The Card Timer Running While Editing In Studying Mode!

Hi there,

Why not adding an option in the deck preferences that allows the user to the keep the card timer running for that deck while reviewing and studying cards even when the user editing a card the timer should never stops for more precise statistics, since the user may want to edit a card for adding additional examples like recorded voices or whatever else, where all of this behavior should be considered as a studying time since the card was already added before!

The current card timer behavior is as follows:
1- The user starts studying a card and the timer starts as well
2- The user got an idea for adding an additional example or updating old one in the card
3- The user enters the card editing mode for applying these new example-enhancements
4- The user finished editing the card and the timer started over! where the user was already studied the card for a while before editing

The new card timer behavior desired (Just step four needs to be changed):
4- The user finished editing the card and the card timer still never stopped while the card is not being left