How does the timer work?

Hi all,

“Studied 120 cards in 34 minutes today”. How is it calculated ? Because I’m sure I was more than one hour on my cards !

PS : I tried the beta version but the font is disturbing to watch…

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Please see

I also wondered if the recorded times were too short, on the other hand I do have some cards that have more content and can take quite long to answer.

Today I decided to display the timer in the (Mac) app, and it did start counting seconds. But it does not appear on cards I’m pulling in with a filtered deck. That deck does not have the Timer option on its own so I wonder if the timer is just not shown or if the timer is not active in that case.

Does the time spent on filtered deck cards contribute to the calculated review time?

Yes, filtered decks with rescheduling disabled don’t contribute to the shown review time. I remember reading (here in the forums and in the source code) that this is likely to change in the future.

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Thanks for your reply.

However I do have rescheduling enabled for that filtered deck.

I believe changing the behavior to account for the spent learning time is logical, I don’t see the reason why not to, even without rescheduling enabled.

The timer should be shown in a filtered deck if the original deck is set to show the timer. I was speaking of the stats in the main screen when I said filtered decks with no rescheduling doesn’t contribute to the review time (The timer is still shown anyway, as it depends on another option).

OK, you’re right, it’s actually working! I had enabled it for the parent deck but not for the original deck where the filtered card came from, sorry. Thank you!

I’m not sure I understand the relationship between rescheduling and review time and why that is sometimes or always connected. Or are the stats in the main screen (the startup screen?) different to what the stats page shows?

Anyhow, review times should be realistic for me, as far as the time limit goes. I’m probably taking just too much time to answer learning cards.

I don’t think they are different. Reviews in filtered decks with no rescheduling are not logged, so they have no effect on the stats whatsoever, as far as I know.

You can change the time limit for normal reviews from the deck options via the Maximum answer seconds option.

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You can change the time limit for normal reviews from the deck options via the Maximum answer seconds option.

I’ve already increased it now, thank you. :+1:

As of Anki 2.1.47, the v3 scheduler should be logging reviews in filtered decks with rescheduling disabled, so the time taken should increase IIRC.