KanjiDamage deck, probably, violates the rules on public decks

The rules say that decks can’t contain pornographic content. But KanjiDamage has a nice pair of dangling balls as mnemonic aid in one of its cards. I wonder if this is okay. You can find this card by searching “kick in the nuts” in KanjiDamage deck.

Sorry if I posted in inappropriate place, I guessed that “Site Feedback” is the closest I can get to a place where I can report an inappropriate deck.


Thanks for the report, changed your post to Shared Decks

A place to discuss shared decks, and report issues with shared decks.


I don’t get notifications from the shared decks category (it’s intended for deck authors, so notifications default to off).

The image in question is perhaps in poor taste, but it’s a cartoon, and I’m not sure it meets the definition of “pornographic”. Perhaps consider leaving feedback on the deck instead, where you can warn other users of what they might see (which the deck author should really have done).

Of course this is up to you to decide, but maybe my 5 cents will be useful. I think porn is not just realistic image of sex, sexual organs, etc, but also an intent. Porn is created and distributed with intention to assist with sexual gratification of its viewers. Considering purpose of Ankiweb, it would be very strange to have porn inside its decks, to put it mildly. Even if some pictures in decks are explicit, they are used to help people remember things, not to assist with their sexual gratification. Like I can imagine some explicit pictures in a deck about gynecology.

As I see it, the rule about ban of pornographic content in decks probably should be elaborated upon( what to count as porn?), or to be removed altogether. Requirement for deck creators to put warning about explicit content would be more sensible.

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