JLPT N5 Kanji (2010 revision)

Feel free to ask any questions here. If you find a mistake or want to suggest something, just let me know.
This is the (unofficial) kanji list for JLPT N5 made after the 2010 revision of the test. All content in this deck is gathered from sources on the Internet to combine into a single list. The only important readings needed for the test are shown, so if you see a [*] in a card, that means it does not have an important onyomi or kunyomi reading.
Lastly, a thumbs-up on the deck’s page would be appreciated. Thank you.

See FAQ |JLPT Japanese-Language Proficiency Test for information on why learning from lists is discouraged, in section 4, (Why is “Test Content Specifications” no longer available after the 2010 revision of the JLPT?)

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