JavaScript to remove Cloze in review mode with Edit Field During Review (Cloze)

The author of

Edit Field During Review (Cloze)

added option to add custom shortcut to execute any script in review window

Is there a JavaSript coder who can share such script, please.

Maybe it is possible to use some code from
editor.js from Remove Cloze Button and Hotkey, which has been updated recently.

Here is the solution. Thank you very much to the author of this add-on @BlueGreenMagick and also to @jcznk for his contribution.

EFDRC.registerShortcut("Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R", (event, elem) => {
  let selectedHTML = elem.innerHTML
  if (!selectedHTML) {
  selectedHTML = selectedHTML.replace(
  // workaround for duplicate list items:
  selectedHTML = selectedHTML.replace(/^(<li>)/, "");
  elem.innerHTML = selectedHTML

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