It seems that the group cloze is not working as expected in io

Create multiple shapes in native io editor, then select two shapes and group it, the shapes should be shown in group, or both shapes should have same cloze number.
But that is not the result instead even after grouping the shapes, the cloze shapes have different number.

I’m not able to reproduce this after a quick test in ⁨24.04. Can you reproduce it reliably? Maybe you can post a recording or write down the exact steps taken?

It is issues on touch based device.
The issue is in editing already IO notes, grouping shapes not working.

OK I see. The issue only appears when editing existing cards.

We’ll track this on "Select All" does not work properly in image occlusion in 24.04 · Issue #3107 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Facing the same issue. After some edit is made in the group clozes, I get the error - “No cloze found on card”.

That is intended behaviour, you needs to use Tools -> Empty Cards.

To clarify, we have both a bug going on here, and also the fact that empty cards is required when one or more cards are no longer valid.