Issues with furigana display with Anki Support Add-on

Hi. I’m running Anki 2.1.49 on a macbook air 2020 (macOSX big sur 11.6).
I’m having issues with the add-on not displaying the furigana above the kanji expression on the flash card. My source field is ‘Expression’ and my destination field is ‘Reading’. The automatic furigana generation works fine. From the destination field it will display the kanji:Reading, and the kana:Reading fine, but not the furigana:Reading.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the add-on. I even tried the legacy version to be sure but I just got an error when I tried to create a card. I tried changing the font formatting to just one font (the recommended/default japanese one for macs) and the size to make sure it wasn’t accidentally cutting off the characters, but nothing worked.

I’ve included pictures of the card template for reference if needed. 1st is the kanji reading, 2nd is the kana reading and 3rd is the furigana… not displaying.

This add-on had worked without a hitch for me previously, and I’d be very grateful for any assistance to get it back to working normally. Thanks in advance.

Can you either add an example card to your AnkiWeb account that demonstrates the issue, or export a card into an .apkg and share it somewhere?

Thanks for replying. However, when I opened Anki today to do just that, I found the add-on was now working. I hadn’t changed anything with the cards or the fields, so I was really confused. I’ll just think of it as a weird glitch I guess. Just glad it’s working now. I’ll mark this as resolved.