Issue Preventing iOS Sync

Hi all,

Thank you for reading this. First some info on the platform, then the issue:

Device 1: iPhone 8; iOS 14.2
Device 1 Anki Version: 2.0.67

Device 2: MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina, 2015; 11.0.1
Device 2 Anki Version: 2.1.35

Issue outline:

  • I can view all my cards on Device 2 with no issues.
  • I can sync all my cards on Device 2 with no issues.
  • My goal is now to “import” (or sync-“in”) the cards on my account to Device 1 (my iPhone).
  • I get the following error when trying to sync Device 1 with content on Device 2:

I don’t know which specific note that error refers to. What can I do to deal with this issue? Can I somehow bypass this error? What else should I provide in this post?

Thank you again.

Please use Check Database in the preferences screen which should report it fixed the problem, then choose upload on the next sync, and download on your other devices.

I had exactly the same problem - however “Check Database” did not fix it for me… what are my other options?

EDIT: got it to work - I had to check the database on the PC/OSX version so that the IOS version would accept the synch. it did not help when I checked the database on the IOS version. had to overwrite todays review progress unfortunately