Is this bug or the new modification in anki desktop?


This notification message is no longer located in the bottom left corner of the anki 24.04.1 .

My operating system is Windows 10 on the desktop platform.

Also, I found that the polygon tool of image occlusion doesn’t work in in anki 24.04.1.

I don’t think either of those things are intentional changes. How about if you start with the Troubleshooting checklist (Troubleshooting - Anki Manual), and see if these issues are really coming from 24.04.01?

Yes, I’ve already followed the troubleshooting steps, and I’m certain these issues stem from the 24.04.1 update.


The notification-box-location seems pretty self-explanatory. Let’s see if anyone can reproduce it, or has questions.

Can you expand on what “doesn’t work” means?

GIF 2024-4-26 23-45-29
For example, when I click the left mouse button and then release it, it disappears. However, in 23.12.1, I could draw a polygon.

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Are you able to reproduce both issues in the 24.04.2 beta?

Yes, I just tried it, and I can confirm they’re present in 24.04.2 beta.

Thank you, I’ve fixed the former issue, and the latter has been logged on Polygon tool in I/O is broken · Issue #3183 · ankitects/anki · GitHub