Is there an interface to interact with Anki without running the application?

I’ve been using AnkiConnect to interact with Anki via Python, but it requires actually running the Anki application. Are there alternatives that would allow me to interact with Anki without running the application? Maybe something that stores the database in a file and reloads it upon opening Anki?

Do you mean read-only interaction? The .colpkg files are compressed ZIP file versions of SQLite3 databases, so after uncompressing you could use DB Browser for SQLite
to examine them.

But if you’re planning to write to those database files, you run a high risk of corrupting them. The only time that people do this, as far as I know, is if they have a hopelessly corrupted database and somehow no backups, and they attempt some kind of emergency surgery out of desperation.

Hm, I’d be interested if there’s been any tool developped to interact with Anki specifically as a database. Thanks a lot in any case for the keywords, I know a bit of SQL so I’ll start working things out from here. Thanks a lot!

VERY cool, thank you very much for that reference! I was about to go on and corrupt all my files heheh

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