Is there an add-on to style field names?

I’d like to style (bold, color and/or italicize) field names in the note editors, but it makes it much harder to search. Is it possible to do it so that it is only a cosmetic change?


I am not sure I fully understand you. You have styling inside the field text an this is messing when searching for thext, right?

Yes, you can add the stly into the card template and not inside the field, of that is your case.

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No, I want to be able to find a particular field among many tens (like 40 or 70) easily. Think of how Enhance main window colors every column differently, so even if they don’t fit the window, you can quickly scroll and spot the right one without reading them.

I want that for the field names. They are actually rendered as HTML, but I am not sure it is possible to apply CSS without putting bulky HTML tags in them.

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Gotcha. I don’t know the answer to that question. Perhaps Multi-column note editor add-on might be useful at some extend.

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