Inserting Field Names within Template Boxes with Smaller Font and Formatting


I’m looking to incorporate “field names” within template boxes, (highlighted in green), to enhance the clarity of each field and its entry. Currently, when I type these “field names” above the HTML lines, (highlighted in yellow), they appear oversized and unattractive, (as indicated in red).

I’m seeking a solution to make them smaller and aesthetically pleasing, ideally with the ability to format them by adjusting font, color, and alignment.

Could you please advise on how to achieve this? I’m wondering if it’s feasible with HTML without interfering with the existing HTML codes for the fields. I’m not very proficient with this type of work, so providing an example and a screenshot alongside your explanation would be immensely helpful for me to grasp the process and prevent further inquiries.

Thank you!

You can format that text with CSS and HTML the same way you format anything else on the template.

For instance, If you put “Subject” inside the <div> tags instead of outside, it will be formatted the same way as the field replacement.

The manual (and linked video) will walk you through the basics of what you can put on the “Styling” tab to do basic formatting for
your text – Styling & HTML - Anki Manual . And I’ve had pretty good luck teaching myself any little tidbit of CSS/HTML I need with a quick search at W3 Schools.

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Hi Danika,

It seems there might have been a misunderstanding. When I asked about formatting fields, I wasn’t referring to the content within them, but rather to how the field names are displayed above each field. While I have a basic understanding of how to format the content within the fields, I’m unsure about how to format the actual field names themselves. I’ve attempted to do so a few times, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to achieve the desired result.

As far as I can tell, you’re drawing a distinction where there is none. Text displayed on a card is text displayed on a card – it doesn’t matter if it is text from a note that arrives via field replacement, or static text entered directly on a template.

If those words you’re putting directly on the template (it could be the names of your fields or anything else) are showing up too big – that formatting is coming from the Styling for your note type. Make sure you look at the resources I included in my post.