Is there a way to mass import a Quizlet Library into Anki?

Hi all, I’ve used Anki for a about a week now and I already find it much better than Quizlet, hence I would like to make the switch and use Anki exclusively. However, the majority of the cards I have ever made have been on Quizlet, leaving me with a huge Quizlet library, a lot of which is still relevant for my study today. Is there a way I can mass import an entire library from Quizlet into Anki? If not a library then possibly folders at a time?

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There is an add-on for importing from Quizlet to Anki.


From my experience, after you imported the cards to Anki, ensure that you review that cards before you study them. Often times the flashcards from users in Quizlet are often hit-or-miss where they put all infomation into one card.

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