Is there a way to create a card from a web app?

Hello, I’m developing a free Japanese language dictionary web app called hare

I’m a big fan of Anki and would like to add an easy way to create a new card from my web app.

I would appreciate it if someone could let me know if there are any options for this.

I looked around and saw that AnkiDroid seems to have some java API, not sure about the desktop Anki or AnkiMobile. Of course ideally I would like to support a common interface for card creation, but the second best solution is to support all three separately - in case they have some APIs that I could somehow use.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe not the answer you were expecting, but you can use this website to generate a CSV file that keeps constantly updating based on the words you need. Then you can easily import this CSV to Anki or even create a super simple addon that keeps constantly checking this file for new information and adding those cards to anki. Orrrr (I’m not so sure of this one) you can use the scraped data and directly insert it into your database.

If you have python skills, develop an Anki companion addon to go with your dictionary, which allows adding the notes that have been saved in the web app.
Another thing you could look at is something called AnkiConnect, which creates a REST API inside Anki (but again the desktop app needs to be running).

Appreciate the replies, guys. Seems like the available options are a bit more extra work than I was expecting. I’ll have to think about this.