Is there a way to cloze words in bulk?

Maybe through an addon or a python script or javascript.

I have this deck, where the first field has the word I am learning, and the second field has several sentences, and what I want to achieve is automatically cloze those words INCLUDING inflected forms of verbs and nouns, e.g. If the word I am learning is apple, then apples should also be clozed; if the word I am learning is learn, then learned, learning, learns should also be clozed.

There is this addon called AutoDefine Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries - automatically define words and I think it does a great job at automatically clozing words in bulk, but I don’t think there is an addon specifically does what I said.

Maybe there is an alternative method and I 'd like to know.


Maybe some sophisticated search and replace that looks for the first word via a regular expression and then matches inflected forms to add the cloze syntax to them. This would work for your examples, but not for e.g. woman - women.

The more I think about it, the more it sounds like a task for a language model („AI“). Maybe try exporting your notes and feed it to such a tool („Put the following syntax around every inflected form of the word that comes first in every line …“)

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