Is there a source of high-quality Anki news?

I want to stay up to date on Anki in a narrow sense and on learning with Anki in a broader sense. Is there some feed of high-quality Anki news? (new program versions, high-quality new add-ons, high-quality content on Anki card design, research on spaced repetition, and usage scenarios).

First I tried r/anki, then the top rated posts from r/anki within the last week (via RSS). There is just too much noise in both solutions.

Is there some good newsletter or low-volume blog, some quality digest, anything fitting my needs?

For new program versions, I’d say the forum is the best bet. The beta testing section of the forum always has threads with the newest alphas and betas of Anki, where we’re happy for any feedback, and everybody can state their opinion (and be heard).

When it comes to blogs, I can recommend Arthur Milchior’s blog, who’s an Ankidroid maintainer, and also a major contributor to Anki. There’s a lot more, that I’ve read over the past years, but I’ll have to look them up first :slight_smile:

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