Is it true that PDF is a standard format for sharing files?


Encourage posting the User guide in PDF.

Would make using the application a lot easier and make requests like these unnecessary:

Similarly this:

Owing to the singular layout of the documentation website, the actual answer from google / reddit - “go to the documentation home and print as a PDF” doesn’t work.

That seems counterproductive.

While the website UX/UI designed to present the manual is, in its own unique way, somehow aesthetically pleasing - if we look to the ends of a manual - that is “What is the final purpose of this thing?” - then I feel those ends are better met by posting the manual as a PDF file.

Strongly encourage this.

Additionally, if there IS an up-to-date location with the documentation in PDF, or some other standardized file format, please post.


Pro Klip Lang

I think the new documentation website is great, but I also sometimes struggle with its search tool. Putting everything on a single page has its own problems though, and isn’t a real solution. And after all, you can just use your favourite search engine: site: "my complicated search".

Works for me:


Hi Rumo,

Thanks for replying! WOW! How did you get the Print as PDF to render all 176 pages?

Whenever I try it it only prints…the SINGLE page, or few pages of the section I’m in.

What do you think is happening?


Klip Lang Turango

The underlying markdown files are stored here, it wouldn’t be hard to export them to a PDF using your preferred markdown app.

I’m just clicking the printer icon or pressing Ctrl+P.

Apetited! - THANKS!
@Rumo So mysterious! In Chrome - just one page?! But, thanks to your suggestion, I went and tried it with Opera annnnnnD! That pretty much worked.

MANY thanks to you both. :smiley:

Can’t select TWO solutions! < cries >



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