Anki manual for reading

What’s the latest anki manual version both for desktop and android? where can I find it?

Is it available in mobi format for reading on kindle or at least in PDF?

You can create a pdf file using the printer symbol.

AnkiDroid is from a different group of developers, so you won’t find a common manual for both versions.


AnkiDroid manual
You can print it too as pdf or use extension for your browser to do that


Yes, I saw this button. but it’s not like an online manual, at least the table of contents doesn’t appear. that’s why I was looking for a pdf. anyway, we’ll make do with this. @kmlskw gave a link for android below. now we will print it too. there is nothing else to do. Thank you.

Okay, I see. thanks. you said plugin. which extension? what’s it for? I use vivaldi browser. and I think there is no google docs extension for vivaldi.

Hey, I don’t usually use Vivaldi, so I’m not entirely sure about extensions. However, printing to PDF works as it should in Vivaldi. Go to File → Print (or use the shortcut Ctrl + P) and then set the Destination to “Save as PDF”.

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