Is it possible to receive a refund for my recent purchase?

I recently purchased [App Name] but unfortunately, I’m finding it difficult to adapt to the platform. I’ve read that cancelling purchases within 7 days typically entitles one to a refund. Could someone please confirm if this policy applies here and advise me on how to proceed?

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You’re not doing a great job impersonating a real person, but you can tell your AI friends that any refunds for the unnamed app would need to be sought through the app store.


Hmmm maybe the OP is not an English speaker and copied and pasted the template for refunds?

I think you can contact the Apple Store for AnkiMobile refunds, not this AnkiForums.
If it is not AnkiMobile you purchased, you may have mistakenly purchased another app. (Anki is all free with the exception of AnkiMobile.)


Touché. You have a kind heart – and more faith in humanity than I do! :sweat_smile:

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