Is it possible to merge polysemous words with the same card front

Or is there a convenient way to view all cards with the same name.
The front of the card is the same, but there are several meanings that have been created separately, making it difficult to study all meaning each time.

The most convenient way I have found now is to press edit and then click “查找重复的卡片”

You want to see all of the cards that have duplicate “fronts” so you can start the process of merging and/or distinguishing them?

As long as that “front” information is in a field that is called the same thing on all notes, you can use Find Duplicates for that. – Browsing - Anki Manual. (If they use separate note types where the fields aren’t already named the same thing – just change the name of one to match the other.)

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Thank you,I can do it