Is it possible to change the default options at the filtered deck creation menu?

The defaults of this menu:

Thank you.

Even if it means changing a configuration file? :slight_smile:

Is this a Suggestions ?

Can you elaborate on what you want to suggest?

you can use this template for suggestions

## Expected Behavior
<!--- Tell us how it should work -->

## Current Behavior
<!--- Explain the difference from current behavior -->

## Possible Solution
<!--- Ideas on how to implement the addition or change -->

## Context (Screenshot)
<!--- Providing context helps us come up with a solution -->

I’m afraid it’s not possible, though if you use the same searches, you can empty/rebuild a filtered deck without needing to delete it.

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It’s a bit silly, just wanted to be able to set the settings on the screenshot under the heading “Options” so they always start with the same values/settings that I set the last time. I will try what dae suggested.

Thank you for the replies!

Well, to keep your settings under “Options”, you could save the set by overwriting the name field “Filtered Deck” with something else. Essentially creating your own default settings this way.

When you call it up, the focus will be right on the Search-field. This way, you only have to change one field, the Search-field, instead of having to change all option fields.

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Danke schön!

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